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Tongling Xinjiuding Bronze Culture Industry co., ltd is located in Tongling, Anhui, the ancient copper capital of China. It is a comprehensive private cultural industry entity specializing in urban landscape sculpture, design and development of copper art and cultural creative products, reproduction (imitation) of bronzes, research and exhibition of copper culture and copper crafts. It is now a "high-tech enterprise" and "art casting of China's foundry industry" It is also the drafting unit of Anhui copper casting handicraft standards.
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    Master Studio
    Inheritance of lost wax method丨Developing bronze technology丨Carry forward bronze culture
    The night in the mountain city is quiet and peaceful, and the steel and copper furnaces are quiet. However, there is a small furnace of copper water, in order to a persistent soul flowing, rising. Zheng Dongping, born in 1972, inheritor of provincial intangible cultural heritage of Chinese traditional wax loss method, is the first Anhui arts and Crafts Master, member of Sculpture Committee of China Arts and Crafts Association, member of China Arts and crafts casting Committee, member of Anhui Artists Association, visiting professor of Cultural Relics Identification and restoration in China University of Defense Science and technology, and a visiting professor of Art Department of Tongling University Art director of lingjiuding sculpture Co., Ltd. He was born in Tongling and was deeply influenced by the copper craft of Tongling
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