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Chunqiu Jian

Publishdate:2020-08-24 Views:169

Product Name: Chunqiu Jian

Material: Bronze

Size: height 1.37M, diameter 3.4m

Location: Beijing Minzu Avenue

Interpretation: in 2008, the bronze sculpture "Chunqiu Jian" designed and cast by Tongling xinjiuding copper Culture Industry Co., Ltd. was sent to Beijing as a gift from Anhui provincial government to the Beijing Olympic Games. It is located on both sides of the landscape Avenue in the central area of the Olympic venues, adjacent to the bird's nest and water cube, and is known as "the finishing touch of the Olympic dragon shaped water system".

It means that at the moment when the Olympic flame is burning, 56 groups of dragon and Phoenix bronze patterns are engraved on the bronze mirror sculpture body, implying 56 ethnic groups in China. The bottom of the circle is engraved with river patterns, implying the land of the Yangtze River and Huaihe River. It is intended to express the good wishes of 60 million Jianghuai people to the 2008 Olympic Games.