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Master Zheng Dongping

Anhui arts and Crafts Master

Representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage project of "Chinese traditional wax loss method"

Senior craftsman

Registered designer of China urban sculpture creation and design qualification

Personal honor

Reserve candidates of academic and technical leaders in Anhui Province

Anhui provincial government special allowance recipients

Title of Anhui skills Award

Winner of contribution award of overseas Chinese (innovative talents)

Outstanding young entrepreneurs in foundry industry

Top talent in Tongling

Leader of metal technology discipline in Tongling City

Winner of Tongling "Tongdu Labor Medal"

Personal studio won:

Anhui Provincial skill master studio

Anhui arts and Crafts Master demonstration studio

Learning experience

2011-2013 graduate class of aesthetics in Renmin University of China

1995-1998 sculpture major of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

work experience

2009  present general manager and art director of Tongling new Jiuding copper Culture Industry Co., Ltd

2004-2009  art director of Tongling Jiuding sculpture Co., Ltd

1998-2004  chief designer of Tongling Jiuding sculpture studio

1992-1995  designer of Beijing Golden Sun Gongmei company

Social position

Deputy Secretary General of International Sculpture Creation Camp Alliance

Member of Asia foundry History Association

Vice chairman of art casting Committee of China Foundry Association

Executive director of Chinese traditional technology research association

Investor / Planner / art director of China (Tongling) International Copper cultural and Creative Industrial Park Project

Director of China Arts and crafts industry innovation and Development Alliance

Member of Sculpture Committee of China Arts and Crafts Association

Member of Anhui arts and Crafts Industry Association

Distinguished president of cross strait Bronze Sculpture Art Research Institute

Artist in residence at Donghai University, Taiwan

Special researcher of Tongling Cultural Development Research Center

Visiting professor of Tongling University

Visiting professor of Tongling vocational and Technical College

Main achievements

Art activities:

Presided over the planning and implementation of China (Tongling) International bronze sculpture art exhibition and related activities;

Presided over the planning and implementation of "Tongdu Cup" national copper art design competition;

Presided over the planning and implementation of the international famous painter Zheng Fu'an's painting exhibition;

Participated in the planning and related activities of Xinjiang Urumqi International Sculpture Creation Camp and Shandong Jimo International Sculpture Creation Camp;

It has participated in the establishment of the International Sculpture Creation Camp alliance, which has 40 countries and regions in the world

It is the only international cooperation organization of Sculpture Creation Camp;

Participated in the curation and sculpture production of China (Fuzhou) International Sculpture Art Exhibition.

Science and technology research, process exploration and innovation

Since 2010, he has presided over a number of national treasures of Anhui Provincial Department of culture;

In 2011, we cooperated with Nanjing Museum, Shanghai Museum and Chinese Academy of Sciences to carry out research on restoration technology of national treasure bronze "Chen Zhang pot";

In 2012, he presided over the project "digital design and application technology research of large-scale bronze sculpture and copper handicraft" in Anhui Province and passed the acceptance of the provincial expert group;

In 2014, he presided over the project "research and development of high-end copper artworks based on the combination of 3D printing and CNC molding technology" by Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Commission and successfully concluded the project;

In 2015, he presided over the research on "digital design and mold intelligent molding of copper sculpture and copper art works" of Anhui Province;

In 2017, he presided over and carried out the project research of "Research on copper clad protection technology of clay Buddha statues" and served as the project leader.

Articles and intellectual property

In December 2007, he published the paper "on the form of ancient bronze ornamentation" in the fifth volume of bronze culture research;

In August 2011, participated in the development of Anhui local standard cast copper handicraft (DB34 / T 1475-2011).

From 2014 to now, he has made several monographs on metal casting and sculpture art creation in the art casting workshop of China Foundry Society;

In October 2016, a special lecture on "Chinese sculpture art creation practice" was published in Jiangsu Information University, which expounded the development and evolution of sculpture art in China and the creation practice of copper sculpture;

In December 2016, he published the research paper "thoughts and deeds in the copper covered conservation project of clay Buddha statues" at the "Asia Pacific Symposium on conservation and repair of religious heritage" held in Taiwan, China;

In December 2018, he published the paper "appreciation of sculpture language of bronze ware" in the professional journal of art appreciation;

He has 35 patents, including 5 invention patents, 23 utility model patents and 7 design patents.

Sculpture works:

The work "Olympic square tripod" was selected by BOCOG as a "national gift" and presented to foreign heads of state;

The work "spring and Autumn Annals" was placed in Beijing Olympic Park as a gift from Anhui Province to Beijing municipal government;

The work "East bottle and West mirror" appeared in Anhui Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo and was rated as "Anhui arts and crafts treasures";

Design and produce the design work "the source of harmony" of Anhui Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo;

Liu Mingzhuan, as a witness of Anhui Taiwan exchange, was placed in Mingchuan University of Taiwan;

The work "Fengming" was rated as "the most influential urban sculpture of the year" by the national urban sculpture Commission;

"Salute to the builders of the Qinghai Tibet highway" won the "outstanding works award of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China" by the national urban sculpture Commission;

"Eight treasures of study" won the "Huigong Award" of Anhui arts and crafts exhibition;

The research achievement of Copper Craft restoration, Chen Zhang pot (copy), won the "Gold Award" of the traditional skills competition of China's intangible cultural heritage, the contribution award of overseas Chinese (innovative achievements) and the "Gold Award" of China's arts and crafts Creativity Award,

A number of sculpture works and bronze reproduction works designed by myself have been collected by many museums at home and abroad.