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Advanced technology

Tongling Xinjiuding Copper Culture Industry Co., Ltd. has an industry-leading R&D technical team and advanced manufacturing equipment, and is proficient in artistic modeling, reverse molding technology and three-dimensional processing technology, has an advanced three-dimensional scanner, five-axis gantry machining center, robots and 3D printers.

Non-genetic inheritance

The "Traditional Chinese Lost Wax Method" is a traditional technique with important value and in an endangered state. The company's artistic director Zheng Dongping successfully copied Xu Gongning's works such as the pattern of the transparent pan-flower and the Chen Zhang pot with the "Chinese traditional lost wax technique", so that this traditional craft was inherited and the production process was more standardized.

In 2011, the company cooperated with Nanjing Museum, Shanghai Museum and Chinese Academy of Sciences to carry out the research project of restoration technology of the national treasure bronze "Chen Zhang Pot"